Hey I’m Amy. 

I am the founder of F-MININE.

My purpose with F-MININE and The goddess Transformation is to provide a feminine energy approach to health and fitness, so that you can transform your physique whilst flowing, glowing and thriving. 

My mission and soul purpose is to guide women like yourself into reaching your highest potential, to finally gain the freedom you are entitled to around eating habits, exercising and most importantly your body. I want every woman to unlock their true potential so they can shine and become the goddess they where destined to be.

The techniques we have all been shown when it comes to fitness and transforming our physique have all been designed using masculine methods.

These masculine methods are not wrong, but they are not optimal for a woman wanting to thrive in her feminine power. 

It took me losing my period, burning out, feeling stressed, having hormonal imbalances to realise that I was not thriving in the way I was supposed to as a woman. And this was all because I was functioning so high in my masculine energy.

I had to go through a process of unlearning everything that I thought was true when it came to health and fitness so I could re-learn new ways of exercising and eating that allowed me to stay within my feminine energy so I could THRIVE. 

F-MININE is personal. 

F-MININE holds a lot of my heart, soul and passion. 

F-MININE is a platform created to help women who want to achieve their fitness goals without sacrificing their feminine energy. 

Here is my story…

When I first joined the gym my purpose was to be skinny. I thought if I lost weight I would be happier, I would attract better into my life, I would become more worthy. 

I was joining the gym not from a place of love or kindness to myself, but from a place of lack and hate for myself. 

Because of this, I soon fell into an unhealthy obsession of over-training and restricting myself of food. 

I was losing weight but I also lost my natural curves. 

My weight on the scales was decreasing but I had zero confidence in a bikini.

I lost weight but I wasn’t any more happier, I wasn’t more in love with myself and I didn’t feel more worthy.  I was smaller but I hated how I looked. I actually felt worse.

So this is when I began lifting weights.

I started to become leaner and stronger and I was loving how my physique was transforming. 


At the time I was also studying to become a personal trainer. 

I was learning more and more about bodybuilding, progressive overload, I was learning about tracking workouts, tracking steps and calorie counting. 

I was learning all of these highly masculine methods of exercising and eating.

With these new methods I created workouts for myself, I created a diet plan and I would religiously stick to my new regimented structure. 


At the same time I was transforming my physique I was also losing my social life.

I would spend my day thinking about what meal I was eating next or what my workout would be.

I had no time for fun because my mind was absorbed around food and exercise. 

I would get anxiety about eating in restaurants.

I wasn’t fun to be around. 

My body was always sore from my workouts that even just walking up my stairs became effort. 

I was always exhausted, I had dark lines, my skin was breaking out in both acne & excema.

I lost my period, my hormones were so imbalanced and I had no sex drive.

I would feel bloated often.

My body was retaliating. 

She was screaming at me and I wasn’t listening.

I was no longer aligned, my feminine energy was gone.

I would get compliments on my physique but I didn’t feel my best, I wasn’t thriving in the way I thought I would.

I was so high in my masculine energy I was burning out and I was feeling depressed.

I had no idea.

This was when I started to learn about masculine and feminine energy. 

I realised that the whole fitness industry is run through masculine methods.

Masculine energy involves structure, direction, planning, numbers, tracking and discipline. 

Feminine energy is like water, it’s ever-changing, highly intuitive, its soft, free-flowing, gentle, playful. 

The more I started learning about feminine energy and what it means for a woman to thrive within her feminine power, the more I realised that following masculine driven methods when it came to reaching my fitness goals was causing me to tap out of my feminine, and it became the reason I was not thriving.

I was living high in my masculine energy through:

  • Eating a structured diet plan
  • Counting calories
  • Tracking macros
  • Weighing my food portions
  • Seeing food as numbers and measurements instead of nutrition and pleasure.
  • Exercising because of discipline and structure
  • Forcing workouts not from a place of love
  • Being goal focused
  • Controlling my movement through counting my steps and monitoring the calories I burnt each day.

With F-MININE, you will learn ways of exercising and eating that will not cause you to sacrifice your feminine energy.

In fact this whole program is going to increase your feminine energy. 

You will not burn out, you will not feel stressed.

You are going to be transforming your physique through a place of love.

You are going to be kind to your mind and to your body.

You will see food as nourishment for your body and pleasure to your tastebuds. 

A woman’s greatest power is her intuition, and you will use your intuition when it comes to eating and exercising. 

You will learn what foods to eat that are more beneficial to your body, you will eat mindfully, filling your diet with an abundance of wholesome, healthy foods. 

You will eat when you’re hungry and stop eating when you’re full.

You will exercise in a way that your body loves and you do not force workouts.

You will release endorphins through moving your body every day.  

You will thrive, you will flow, you will glow.

F-MININE is for the women who want to burn fat and enhance their physique without building huge muscle mass, feeling “bulky” or burning out. 

F-MININE is for the women who want to reduce inflammation and bloating.

F-MININE is for the women who want to feel free within their body, free with their exercise habits and free with their food choices.

F-MININE is for the women who want to slow down, de-stress, flow, surrender and thrive. 

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