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Are you a woman who wants to feel confident, empowered and feminine?
Are you wanting to burn fat and transform your physique without feeling “bulky”?
Are you a woman wanting to develop a healthier, happier mindset around food?

Are you wanting to THRIVE and GLOW within your F-MININE power?

If yes, The Ultimate Goddess Transformation is for you!

These same methods have transformed women worldwide:

When it comes to fitness goals for women, I find that it’s super important a coach truly understands what a female specifically wants to achieve.

But I find a lot of coaches don’t really listen to women carefully.

Many coaches give ladies the same bodybuilding style workout that they give to everybody else. A workout that usually involves 3 sets of 12 reps whether that’s squats, lunges, bicep curls, bent over rows etc.

Women get pushed in the gym to train the same way as men. Getting told by their coach to “go hard or go home” to “push that last rep out” when going to failure on the leg extension or to “feel the burn” whilst doing lat pull downs. They get given workouts that can actually leave them feeling pretty burnt out and stressed.

There are also a lot of coaches that are so quick to dis-regarding women who say “I don’t want to get bulky” by responding with the usual “it’s impossible for a woman to get bulky like a man, women don’t have as much testosterone”.

I’m tired of hearing that “women can’t get bulky”.

Because the thing is, the term bulky is individual to each person’s perception. What one woman sees as bulky may be different to what a male coach perceives as bulky.

I think it’s important that a coach understands that not every woman’s goals are going to be the same.

Some women love lifting heavy weights and feeling strong. They love seeing muscle growth all over, and that’s great!

But for me personally, and for a lot of women I have coached worldwide, lifting heavy weights and getting stronger and bigger are not part of our goals when it comes to transforming our physique. When it comes down to transforming their physique, a lot of women want: 

Slim, toned legs
Flat, tight waistline
Lean, toned arms
Perky booty or bigger glutes

What a lot of women I have worked with want is to feel lean, toned and sexy. To feel confident in a bikini, but whilst still feeling F-MININE in a dress.

So that is what The Ultimate Goddess Transformation is designed to do.

For some of you this program will be EXACTLY what you’re looking for, however my program isn’t going to be for every woman.

The Ultimate Goddess Transformation is not a bodybuilding style workout plan, in fact, it’s not a bodybuilding program at all.

The Ultimate Goddess Transformation Is not for you if:

You are looking for a strict, regimented diet plan to follow.
You want to gain serious muscle mass and size ALL OVER your body.
You love lifting heavy weights and have a goal to get stronger and stronger in the gym.
You enjoy crossfit style workouts or olympic lifting.

I understand that not all women will have the same goal when it comes to transforming their physique, and if your goal is to build large amount of muscle, lift heavy weights every day and stick to a regimented diet plan then go for it! Your goal is individual to you and nobody should stop you or get in the way of achieving what you desire!

F-MININE is here to help the women who don’t want to look too “bulky”. To help women who want to feel toned and sexy in a bikini but whilst still feeling F-MININE in a dress. It’s for the women who want to slow down, de-stress and tap into their F-MININE energy.

6 Steps to Becoming



Calories are important when it comes to fat loss, you can’t lose weight if you’re eating too many calories. But with that in mind, you will not be religiously counting calories every single day. In fact, if you need to count calories it will be for a maximum of 1-2 weeks only!

Calorie counting and sticking to a regimented diet plan of strict broccoli, chicken and brown rice is a very orderly, masculine approach to weight loss and you are not going to be doing this.

Instead, you will learn which types of foods to eat that will help transform your F-MININE physique whilst allowing you to GLOW and THRIVE throughout your day.

You will be guided on how to fill your diet with the foods you love and the foods that digest well with your body.

Throughout your transformation, dieting is made basic and easy to stick to. You are not forced into any crazy restrictions. You eat the foods you love and you learn to have full control over your food. Your food will no longer control you.

My macro-counted recipe book full of delicious, wholesome recipes is also given to you to download for free!


In the past you may have been given a standard bodybuilding style workout that usually involves doing 3-4 sets of 12 reps. Your exercises probably included working a full range of muscles from your back muscles, to arms, to quads, to hamstrings, to calves.

The ways of training that you might be used to may involve:

Forcing out reps to failure

Lifting reps to “feel the burn”

Both of these techniques involve “pumping up” your muscles and pushing your muscles to fatigue. And if you combine that with training these same muscles repeatedly each week, you will be overloading the muscle and thus forcing it to grow/ get bigger.

My program is different.

You will be given workouts that included ONLY female specific shape enhancing exercises, that focus specifically on building the glutes whilst trimming and tightening the rest of the body.
Your workouts are kept short, fun and effective. Expect bodyweight and core circuit-style workouts for your upper body and banded booty workouts, and resistance hypertrophy style training for your booty.

Think on the lines of a lean, bikini model as opposed to an overall muscular, bodybuilding style physique.


Cardio is one of the most effective tools you can use to burn fat. So that is why we include it in The Ultimate Goddess Transformation.

By cardio, this doesn’t mean you have to complete sprint intervals every day, it could just be going for a long walk in the morning or before bed each day. You will use the power of walking to enhance your fat burning process, to keep your body moving and energy flowing each day, whilst releasing endorphins that will leave you feeling amazing.

Walking is a powerful tool to help connect with yourself. to de-stress and also help clear the mind.


A woman who’s F-MININE energy is flowing will feel like she is not in a state of stress or a state of “go go go” all the time.

For a woman to feel like she’s thriving within her F-MININE energy, she needs to be able to balance her driven, masculine, getting it done kind of state (as seen when we’re in the gym) with her natural soft, flowing, slow, free presence.

Throughout The Goddess Transformation, you will not be given stressful, heavy weight-lifting workouts to complete every day. You have 3 workouts a week in phase 1 and 4 workouts a week in phase 2. You have days off away from workouts that can be dedicated to your walking, low intensity cardio, yoga, stretching, enjoying life.

Quality sleep, rest days, de-stressing and enjoying your life are key elements to this program.

Mastering your mindset is essential for achieving literally everything you want in life. Your mindset is ultimately in charge of your happiness, your success and what you attract into your life. In my program you will learn how to tap into your own power and master your mindset. You will start to adapt habits of The Ultimate Goddess such as:
1. Self love and self acceptance
2. Increased body confidence
3. Self worth
4. Discipline

The Ultimate Goddess Transformation shows you that it’s possible to achieve the physique you desire and become the healthiest version of yourself without making your diet and the gym your whole life, or burning out / feeling stressed throughout the process.

Your fitness goals should not be absorbing your whole energy and The Ultimate Female Transformation does not allow this to happen.

Your workouts, your diet, everything in this program has been designed to give you as much freedom as possible. Life is for living and having fun, and therefore you will not have to sacrifice any of those things to achieve your goals.

The Ultimate Goddess Transformation will be one of the most positive additions to your current life situation that will help you achieve new, healthier habits, transforming you into the GODDESS you were always supposed to be.




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