Intimately With Me

I am so excited to finally be re-opening my slots for INTIMATE 1 on 1 transformation coaching.

This type of coaching is not a one-size-fits-all generic program.

 This is an intimate style of coaching where you work directly 1 on 1 with me. 

 We look at your current habits, training, diet and lifestyle alongside the vision that you have for your health and your body. If they are not aligned this is where we start to implement some changes.

Through fitness, nutrition, new habit development & mindset mastery, we work together in Transforming your physique, your mindset, and your energy.

We work intimately together over the 12 weeks to keep you on track, to adjust the program as you elevate, to help you with any blocks you may face on the journey, to be a trusted source of emotional support (if and when you need it) and to be your number 1 hype girl as you grow and evolve into the next level version of yourself. 

I’ve transformed myself over and over again and I know the tools that work and I know the shortcuts on how to get there. 

From being in the fitness industry 8 years and then coaching with women specifically over the last 5 years, I know the training methods that work optimally for a woman’s body and a woman’s energy. I know how we can optimise certain phases in our cycle for fat loss, and when to maximise muscle sculpting. I know how to make sure we don’t burnout and how to keep our hormones balanced. I know that working for our goals and transforming is high masculine energy (essential) but I know how we can balance that with our feminine so we still thrive in our natural essence whilst we elevate into our next level. 

This type of intimate coaching requires me to give a lot of my energy (which is my purpose, my passion and what I love to do). But for that reason I only offer this type of coaching to a limited amount of women. So If you try to purchase and it says out of stock, you can send me a direct message or email and I can add you to a wait list and let you know at what date the next availability will be. 

What's included?



I have tried and tested pretty much every diet under the sun. I was vegan for over a year, to then being pescatarian, I tried keto and intermittent fasting and tried the meat and fruit diet. 

For me, and for most of the women I work with – I have found the most optimal diet to

  • help aid in transforming your body (sculpting lean muscle and fat burning)
  • to help reduce inflammation and bloating in the body
  • to keep energy, motivation and clarity high
  • and keep your hormones balanced 


Is by following nutrition that supports high protein content (in the form of meats, fish and good quality protein powders), that keeps healthy fats high (in the form of avocados, eggs, dairy and fatty fish like salmon), that minimises or excludes as much processed foods as possible (like cakes, sweets, fried foods, crackers, alcohol) and that cycles high quality complex carbs with the different phases of your hormonal cycle. 

However, even with that knowledge of knowing this is (in my opinion) the most optimal nutritional guidelines a woman can follow, i understand that every woman is different and some foods will work with one woman’s body but may work against another. 

We tailor the nutrition to YOU. We avoid any trigger foods and if there is a way of eating that leaves you thriving then we don’t change it. 

 We look at your current eating habits alongside the goals that you have for your health and your body. If they are not aligned this is where we start to implement some changes.

We take a look at how much space in your day you have to cook so that your diet can be realistic and achievable. 

The nutrition can be given to you in the form of guidance (ie recommendations on what types of meals and foods to eat each day) alongside recipes. Or the nutrition can be given to you in the form of a diet plan. 



When you master your mindset, you transform your life.

This coaching package is designed with a focus on transforming and elevating your physique. But it doesn’t stop there. 

That’s just half of the transformation. 

The other half is you stepping into your power through taking control of your mindset. 

For some women this might mean opening your eyes to a whole new way of being and thinking, and to others it might just mean a few small tweaks here and there to some of your daily rituals. It all depends on how far along on your journey you already are and how much you of your current reality you want to shift into a new one.

Either way, through this intimate transformation journey, I delve into learning about you, your lifestyle, your habits, your current mindset, any limiting beliefs you have, any of the things holding you back. And together, we work on mastering your mind and clearing your energy to remove anything potentially getting in the way or keeping you stuck.


I can tailor home workouts to you instead of gym workouts using whatever equipment you have at home. 

Straight after purchasing you will be emailed some questions. After you return the questions we will further connect via WhatsApp. We may go back and forth a few times as I get to understand more about your goals, your vision and your current self. 

1 week after you initially returned the questions you will be sent the first part of your coaching. This will be in the form of workout pdfs, ebooks and any extra pdf sheets which may have tick lists, mindfulness rituals and daily targets etc. 

If you purchase today, the first week of coaching starts in 7 days and will continue for 12 weeks. 

Once the program starts it will continue for the whole 12 weeks consecutively. 

I think it would be super beneficial to still be working with me whilst you’re on holiday (as I can give you hotel gym based workouts if you still wanted to train) and I can guide you on how best to eat whilst in restaurants etc. 

However if you didnt want the coaching through your week away, it would still be classed as 1 out of your 12 weeks but we would just pick it back up after you return home.

Yes, the coaching is completely suited to your lifestyle.