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Transform is a women’s 8 week online body transformation program 

Designed for a woman, by a woman – TRANSFORM is a cycle synced program. Optimising your nutrition, your training and your daily rituals to each phase of your hormonal cycle

TRANSFORM is a physique transformation program that includes gym based workouts, recipes and daily rituals to help you burn fat and sculpt your body…. but with an equal focus on elevating your mindset, your energy and your vibration so you can transform & evolve into the next level version of yourself both inside and out.

This program is designed to help you thrive as a woman (mentally, vibrationally and energetically) whilst at the same time transforming your body into the BEST SHAPE of your life. 


TRANSFORM will give you all the tools you need for a transformation that lasts. 

All you need to do is stay committed to showing up for the version of yourself that you are about to become.

What's Included...

transform with your


Your hormonal cycle is your SUPERPOWER if you learn how to work with it.

We are living in a world designed to run off a man’s 24 hour cycle and as women we are trying to keep up to this un-natural 24 hour rhythm when it comes to our work, our social life, our eating habits and our training. 

Women thrive when we sync our life to our monthly ‘4 phase’ cycle. But without fully understanding these phases it makes it harder for us to honour them, and instead we end up trying to power through functioning the same way all month long despite our body’s natural fluctuations. 

If we don’t fluctuate our way of living in sync to our cycle, and instead we keep our eating habits the same, our training the same and our rituals the same, we can end up suffering from burn out, stress, weight gain, PMS symptoms, hormonal imbalances, cravings, emotional eating etc and despite seeming to be doing everything right we wonder why we aren’t thriving the way we are supposed to or why we aren’t getting the result we desire. 

 I think every woman who wants to elevate into her best self, who wants to step into her power and become fully in tune with herself NEEDS to start living in sync to her cycle. And so for that reason, the workouts, the nutrition and the mindfulness rituals in Transform are cycle synced to each phase of your hormonal cycle. 



$ 149
  • 8 weeks of gym based workouts
  • Burn fat, tone your abs & upper body, shape your booty
  • downloadable workout pdfs and demo videos accessible from your smartphone
  • Nutrition + recipes to optimise your transformation
  • Fully informative downloadable ebooks on mindset, movement & nutrition
  • Energy balancing & cleansing techniques
  • Optimal morning & evening routine
  • recipes, rituals and workouts all synced to your hormonal cycle


5 gym workouts a week. There are 3 lower body workouts, 2 upper body and abs workouts and you have daily cardio targets.

Just do what you can. You have to make your training fit your lifestyle in the best way and if trying to complete all workouts causes stress to your day then take some of the workouts out. 

No its a one time purchase. All of the ebooks in the program are downloadable so you can save them and keep them forever. 

This program has been created from my own research and personal experience. Ive tried every diet under the sun, from keto to vegan to pescatarian to meat and fruit diet and out of it all, I’ve found the way I thrive (and most women thrive) both physically and internally is by following a high protein (meat and fish) and high fat diet with as little processed foods as possible. The diet includes meats, fish and some dairy -making it not suited to vegans or vegetarians. If you thrive off a vegan diet then feel free to continue your current diet whilst following the rest of the Transform program. 

Yes, its suitable for beginner to advanced. If you need to make the workouts easier you can take more rest.

I have a home version of Transform available for those who do not have gym access!