The techniques we have all been shown when it comes to transforming our physique have all been designed using masculine methods.

These masculine methods are not wrong, but they are not optimal for a woman wanting to thrive in her feminine power. 

It took me losing my period, burning out, feeling stressed, having hormonal imbalances to realise that I was not thriving in the way I was supposed to as a woman. And this was all because I was functioning so high in my masculine energy.

These same things can all be seen in women who are stuck in their masculine energy for too long.

The masculine energy we see through the fitness industry is shown through discipline, goal-setting, direction, control, structure, planning, counting, tracking etc.

Because of this, women are starting to approach food and exercise in a strict, restrictive, obsessive and goal orientated way. 

Women are counting calories and following strict diet plans, meaning they no longer see food as pleasure but instead as numbers and calculations. 

Women are dragging themselves to the gym to force workouts from “discipline” and not from self love.

Women are attempting to create freedom within themselves and their bodies yet trying to reach this freedom through controlling every bite they eat, tracking every step they make, following diet plans and forcing workouts. 

This is not freedom.

Women in their highest power are free, flowing, and intuitive when it comes to eating and exercising. 

They are tuned into their divine feminine energy.

With F-MININE and The Goddess Transformation, you will not need to sacrifice your feminine energy to transform your physique.

You see food as nourishment for your body and pleasure to your tastebuds. You eat from a place of love. 

You choose what and when to eat intuitively, filling your diet with an abundance of wholesome, healthy and tasty foods. 

You tune into your body and you honour her. You do this by eating when you’re hungry but you also stop eating when you’re full. And this won’t be the same every day. 

Feminine energy flows like water. Your body’s needs change with the moon and the tides and so will your eating habits. 

You exercise in a way that your body loves. 

You workout from a place of love. 

You release endorphins through moving your body every day and your workouts give you energy and leave you thriving. You do not force your workouts, you flow. 

With F-MININE, you will learn ways of exercising and eating that will not cause you to sacrifice your feminine energy.

In fact this whole program is going to increase your feminine energy. 

You will not burn out, you will not feel stressed.

You are going to be transforming your physique through a place of love.

You are going to be kind to your mind and to your body.

You will see food as nourishment for your body and pleasure to your tastebuds. 

A woman’s greatest power is her intuition, and you will use your intuition when it comes to eating and exercising. 

You will learn what foods to eat that are more beneficial to your body, you will eat mindfully, filling your diet with an abundance of wholesome, healthy foods. 

You will eat when you’re hungry and stop eating when you’re full.

You will exercise in a way that your body loves and you do not force workouts.

You will release endorphins through moving your body every day.  

You will thrive, you will flow, you will glow.

6 Steps to Becoming


1. Eating to nourish, glow and thrive

You may have already heard about eating in a calorie deficit and tracking your calories to burn fat. 

This method works, but weighing & tracking your calories every day is a very masculine approach to fat loss. And it’s why women often struggle to thrive using this approach. 

Sticking to a regimented diet plan causes us to sacrifice our freedom & pleasure with food. It can cause us stress, anxiety and overtime cause an unhealthy mindset around food or the development of eating disorders.

F-MININE will teach you about calories & calorie deficits, but in a way that allows you to stay flowing and free with your food choices.

F-MININE gives you freedom over your food. 

F-MININE teaches you to become in tune with & honour your body so you can burn fat whilst intuitively eating. 

2. Exercising and workouts

You are given 12 weeks of workouts split into 2 phases. 

Phase 1 includes 3 full body workouts a week and phase 2 includes 4 workouts a week. 

You will choose from either the gym based or home based edition. There are no equipment needed for the home edition except a booty band. The gym edition involves basic equipment such as barbell, dumbbell, a bench and a few machines (cable machine and abductor machine). If you have weights at home then you can add these to your home edition workouts for an extra challenge!

The workouts involve lots of booty isolation, and bodyweight upper body and core exercises. The workouts are designed to help tone & enhance your natural figure with an emphasis on building your booty and tightening the abs. 

You are not obligated to complete all of the workouts every week, instead you are guided to listen to your body. 

Your body is designed to move every day. You are guided to do this through workouts, yoga, walking, dancing etc. 

You will move your body in a way that makes you feel good! You will be exercising because you love to, not because you feel you have to! 

The workouts are easy to follow, suitable for beginners – advanced and are challenging but will not leave you feeling stressed, burnt out or exhausted. 

3. Moving your body everyday

Walking is one of the best ways to burn fat and reduce inflammation. 

You will use the power of walking every day to help burn fat, reduce inflammation, release endorphins and to allow positive energy to flow through your body. 

4. Resting, recharging and recovering

F-MININE teaches you that self-care, rest and sleep, (things that may seem unproductive) actually end up benefiting us a lot when it comes to thriving.

Masculine energy is active (exercising) and feminine energy is passive (resting). And so we need to make sure we balance our masculine and our feminine energy by taking the time out to rest, recover and recharge after our workouts.

Resting and recharging will tap us back into our feminine energy and give us back our own power. It will balance out our hormones that directly influence our beauty and health. 

F-MININE teaches you how to de-stress 

F-MININE teaches you to rest and slow down

F-MININE will not cause you to burn-out or over-train

5. Tapping into your divine power, tuning into your mind + your soul

Your life changes when you realise you hold the power within you to achieve + attract everything you want and everything you deserve.

When you become aware that your mind is the one thing in charge of your vibration, your success and what you attract into your life, everything changes.

F-MININE teaches you how to practice self love

F-MININE teaches you how to establish boundaries

F-MININE teaches you about the law of attraction

F-MININE shows you where to focus your energy

F-MININE gives you the tools to master your mindset

6. Having fun and enjoying your life

F-MININE is all about balancing. 

When we’re overworked (over-masculinized), we often don’t experience the spontaneous joys of life.

Enjoying life, happiness, laughing, dancing, feeling free and not taking things too seriously is all part of unlocking your divine feminine power. 

The Ultimate Goddess Transformation shows you that it’s possible to transform your physique & become the healthiest version of yourself without giving your power away to the gym, to your diet or sacrificing your feminine energy.

F-MININE doesn’t cause you to lose your happiness or your social life. 

F-MININE gives you freedom to flow.

F-MININE allows you to transform your physique whist balancing fun and enjoying your life in the process.




Are you ready to start your journey today?