28 days of workouts, a 28 day diet plan, daily tick lists & daily rituals to make you feel your best

Burn Fat and Sculpt Your Body

Reduce Bloating, Feel Lighter

Gain confidence, self-trust, discipline and commitment to yourself

one time purchase - you keep the program for life!


For Summer

28 days of workouts and cardio targets

Tone your arms & sculpt your back

Sculpt lean legs & lift your glutes

define your abs

Feel lean, toned & strong

Gain self trust, confidence & discipline

Powered through an app on your smartphone

Exercise demo videos embedded for each exercise

Learn how to change your training throughout your hormonal cycle

28 days of workouts all powered through an easy to use app. Where you can log your weights, track your workouts and click the embedded exercises demo videos to ensure you perform each exercise correctly.


The workouts have been designed specifically including exercises that will lift your glutes, tone your arms, sculpt your back and shoulders, give you lean definition in your legs and sculpt your abs!

A 28 day diet plan including healthy recipes that support your gut health and include skin boosting & serotonin boosting ingredients, so you can feel your best from the inside, out.

Burn fat, Reduce bloating & wake Up feeling light Each day

healthier hair and skin

less cravings, feel Satisfied with Your food

Guide for eating out or at hotel buffets

Learn how to change your diet throughout your hormonal cycle


The diet plan has a high focus on animal proteins and healthy fats in the form of dairy products and so isn’t suited to vegan or plant based.

YES! You choose whether you want to follow the gym workout program (includes both free weights and machines) or the home workout program. If following the home workout program, you will need access to dumbbells and a booty band (a resistance band)

Both! But because this program promotes fat loss, the rate of muscle gain won’t be in the form of large muscle mass like a gaining program would be. You will burn fat whilst noticing your body toning up in a lean, sculpted way. This program Is for you if you want to see a reduction in body fat but whilst seeing your body sculpt and tone up in a leaner way. This is not an ideal program for you if you want to gain weight or build large amounts of muscle mass.

Yes, there are exercise demo videos embedded in the workouts for you to see how to perform each exercise. There are also prompts in the notes section on the workouts explaining how to make some parts of the workouts easier. more challenging to suit both beginner and advanced. 

The goal from the 28 days is that you commit to showing up in the best way you can each day. If this means only coompleting a few of the workouts each week, then this is still great!

We start together on Monday 27th May and the program will run through consecutively for 28 days. Once the 28 day finishes you can start the program again (but there will be no WhatsApp access after the 28 days finishes).