Module 10

Monitoring your progress

The only two ways of monitoring progression throughout this program is through how you LOOK and how you FEEL.

 In the past you may have checked your weight on the scales to measure your progression, but you will not be doing that throughout this program. 

Taking progress photos is the best way to track your physical progression.

If you LOOK and FEEL better, then why does it matter what a number on the scale tells you?

At the start of this program, taking your first progress photos may feel daunting and you might feel you don’t have the confidence yet to do it, but trust me, taking progress photos is one of the best tools you can use for tracking progression. 

Looking back at your progress photos throughout and at the end of your transformation is a powerful tool to remind you of how far you’ve come.

The best way to take your progression photos is weekly or fortnightly.

It’s best to take them as full length photos and in minimal clothing (sports-bra / bikini/ underwear). 

Set your phone or camera on timer and take one from the front, back and side.

It can also be useful to take two versions. 

One set of photos relaxed and in a neutral stance (feet together arms by your side) no tensing or posing. 

Then an alternative set of photos in a posed position (this could be hand on hip, flexing your abs, both hands on hips, literally anything!) 

The idea of these alternative “posed” progression photos is so that as the weeks go by, you can begin to see not only your physique transforming, but also your confidence starting to shine through!

Your progress photos are for YOU and YOU only. 

I do not ask you to upload your photos anywhere or send them to me. However, seeing how my coaching program helps transform ladies all over the world really helps maintain the fire within me to keep creating for you. 

If at the end of your transformation you have your before and after photos, or a testimonial or any kind of feedback, I would LOVE to receive it from you.

 If you want to send me your progression photos, please attach them to an email and send to [email protected] 

Please add your Instagram handle to the email if you would like me to tag you!

You can also tag @fminine_ on instagram throughout your transformation journey,


This part of the progress is about your internal progress (how you feel). 

How you transform your mindset, your confidence and the love towards yourself is a HUGE part of this transformation. 

Every week or every fortnight (whenever you take your progress photos), you can also make a little journal entry answering 6 questions. 

On days where you’re lacking motivation or willpower, use your progress photos as motivation to keep going but also look back on these diary entries. Remembering how you felt at the start of this program will give you the push you need to keep going on days you may want to quit. 

Add these questions into your journal each week or you can click the link here to access a downloadable sheet that you can print off.