Module 5


You have 4 workouts each week.

3 of the workouts are booty only (glute isolation) workouts. 

Like you learnt in the first phase, exercising a muscle 3 times a week is best for muscle growth. Completing 3 booty workouts each week will help to build and tone up those glutes!

There is only 1 upper body + core workout. This is here to keep the abs tight + your upper body toned, without building huge amounts of muscle mass. 


There is one superset within every booty workout where you will complete 3 rounds on your left leg first, before switching to complete 3 rounds on the right.

For this superset you will complete both exercises back to back on the left side, rest 60 seconds and then repeat again on the same left side. 

Once you complete 3 rounds on the left, rest 60 seconds before repeating the same on the right.


Supersets are one of the most effective training methods for overloading a muscle and stimulating growth (booty gains!)

 Supersets allow you to perform a higher workload within a short amount of time, making them a great tool for burning fat or creating a lean physique.


Your upper body workouts consist of 2 circuits. Within each circuit there are 4 exercises. You will complete all 4 exercises one after the other with no rest in between. Once you have completed the 4th exercise, rest for 40-60 seconds before repeating the full circuit again. Complete the full circuit 3 times before moving on to the next circuit. 


It’s entirely up to you on what days you choose to complete your workouts, but its super important that you give yourself enough rest in between workouts for your body to recover optimally. 

You need to give yourself at least one full day of rest between each lower body workout. 

 Here is an example of how you may want to structure your workouts each week. 


Like phase 1, try to move your body in some way every day of the week. 

Moving your body can be through dancing in your living room or going out dancing with friends, it can be through walking, jogging, swimming, it can be a yoga flow or a softer pilates class. You have 4 days out of your week to complete your workouts, and then 3 other days to move your body in a way that feels good for you! And you get to decide in what ways that is!

Moving your body every day in a way that feels good for you will help get the positive energy and endorphins flowing.

Like phase 1, the 4 workouts included in this phase of the program are not designed to be stressful, the idea is that you actually look forward to the workouts and that they act as a positive addition to your week. 

If you want to modify the workouts by making them a little shorter or taking out some of the exercises because your body feels better when you do that, then this is FINE. 

I trust that you will listen to your body throughout this program and ONLY do what feels good for you! The amount of exercise that you choose to do in your week will also come down to how busy your lifestyle is. For example, if you have an active job, or you have children, then its likely you’re not going to have as much energy or time in your week as somebody who has a more inactive job with no kids. 

Tune into your body, listen to how she feels and then honour her. If it’s the end of the week, you still have one workout left but you’re exhausted and your body is sore then I wouldn’t expect you to do the workout. 

Every workout you complete should be a positive addition to your week and should leave you feeling amazing. If it doesn’t, don’t do it. 


Like in phase 1, I also strongly recommend you keep adding in a yoga flow at least once a week. This can be done on a rest day or it can be done in replace of one of the workouts in your program. Hopefully you already began practicing yoga within your week throughout the phase 1 burn phase, in which case you will already be reaping the endless benefits. 

If you didn’t include yoga into your routine yet, then here are just a few of many reasons as to why you should!