Module 2


One day a week you can increase your food intake (roughly by 500 calories).

The reason for having this higher calorie day once a week is so that your body doesn’t get a chance to realise she’s in a calorie deficit. 

If your body realises she’s in a calorie deficit, overtime your metabolism may start to slow down and this can cause your hormones to become imbalanced.

Having one day out of your week as a higher calorie day can also help give you more freedom when it comes to your social life. You can use this day as a time to feel more free when you’re out for dinner or drinks with friends. 

You can choose whichever day you like and it also doesn’t have to be the same day each week. 


A way to increase your calories on this day could be through going out to a restaurant, having some drinks, having a side of fries with your evening meal or adding in a dessert. 

Or it can be sticking to your usual diet but adding in more higher calorie foods like peanut butter avocado etc.

Remember that this day is just a slight calorie increase and should not be used as an excuse to binge on foods that don’t leave you feeling your best.

Binging and over-eating is not healthy for your mind or your body.

If you are eating mindfully throughout your week and you aren’t restricting yourself from eating foods you enjoy then you shouldn’t feel the need to over-indulge on this higher calorie day.

Before I began thriving in my power, I used to be stuck in an unhealthy cycle of restricting myself through the week and then over-indulging and binging at the weekends.

At this point in my life, I was letting food control me.

Coming from a place of no self love and no self worth, I would attempt to try and fill this hole by over-eating and binging out on processed foods that would leave me feeling bloated and uncomfortable. I would call this day my “cheat day”. 

This “cheat day” binge would make me feel even worse about myself, which would put me in a complete downward spiral. 

Food controlled me. This was not healthy and the habits I had created were not in line with the goddess I was meant to be. 

See this higher calorie day as an opportunity not to “cheat” on your diet, but instead to give your body the extra calories she needs to keep your metabolism regulated and your hormones balanced. Do it from a place of self love and self worth.