Module 3


You have 3 full body workouts each week.

Each workout includes booty isolation exercises. Hitting the booty with isolation exercises 3x a week is optimal for muscle building. 

You will also find upper body & core exercises within all 3 exercises to tighten up your waist & help you sculpt a toned upper body. 


The 3 workouts included in this phase of the program are not designed to be stressful or cause you to burn out. The idea is that you look forward to the workouts and that they act as a positive addition to your week.

The workouts are challenging but once completed you should be left feeling alive, energetic and on a high vibration!

If you’re a beginner to exercising and you want to modify the workouts by making them a little shorter, adding in more rest or taking out some of the exercises because your body feels better when you do that, then this is FINE. 

I trust that you will listen to your body throughout this program and ONLY do what feels good for you! 

The amount of exercise that you choose to do in your week will also come down to how busy your lifestyle is. For example, if you have an active job, or you have children, then its likely you’re not going to have as much energy or time in your week as somebody who has a more inactive job with no kids. 

Tune into your body, listen to how she feels and then honour her. 

If it’s the end of the week, you still have one workout left but you’re exhausted and your body is sore then I wouldn’t expect you to do the workout. 

Every workout you complete should be a positive addition to your life and should leave you feeling amazing. 

If it doesn’t, don’t do it. 

Remember you need to create space in your life in order to add something new in, otherwise if we try to do too much this is where we burnout and become stressed. You can create space for your workouts by taking away your scrolling on instagram or Netflix watching or something that you perceive as “less important”.

 Create space by letting go of things that aren’t serving you a purpose so you can fill it with new things that will. 

It’s up to you on what days you choose to do your workouts, but it’s important that you give yourself at least one full day of rest between each workout to optimise your recovery.  

Here is an example of how you can structure your weekly workout schedule.


You have 3 workouts each week to complete which means that you have 4 “rest” days. 

You are a free-flowing goddess and your body is designed to move every day. Being able to move your body is a blessing. 

Forget the mentality of doing nothing all day, then blasting out an intense, stressful workout for an hour, to then go back to sitting down for the rest of the day. This isn’t aligned with how your body is supposed to flow. 

Moving your body on your rest days can be through dancing in your living room or going out dancing with friends, it can be through walking, jogging, swimming, it can be a yoga flow or a softer pilates class. 

Moving your body every day in a way that feels good for you will help get the positive energy and endorphins flowing.

Babe you are designed to be active, and you will feel so good when you move your body everyday.


I recommend you add in a yoga flow at least once a week to compliment your goddess transformation. You can join yoga classes online, in person or simply just get YouTube up on your laptop and do a flow from your bedroom.  

Here are just a few benefits of practicing yoga each week: