Module 8


As much as exercising and eating healthy is key throughout this program, having a healthy mindset is just as important when it comes to transforming into The Ultimate Goddess. 


You can use the power of universal laws to raise your vibration and attract abundance into your life. This abundance can be in the form of your physique and your health.

The law of attraction is all about achieving everything that you believe. It’s knowing that what you put your energy into, what you think about & how you speak about yourself, all impacts what you attract into your life. 

However, the law of attraction can also work negatively. And this is where women often struggle when it comes to transforming their physique. 

If you’re thinking negatively about yourself, you focus on what you don’t like about your body and you’re always comparing yourself to other girls on instagram… this kind of energy is exactly what you will attract back into your life. 

Where you put your energy, in the form of thoughts & words, is exactly what you will attract.

For example, thinking about how you don’t like your thighs, or wishing you had another girl’s body will likely attract other women into your life who are also on that same vibration, who also feel negatively about themselves. 

Your vibe attracts your tribe 

Being surrounded by women who also dislike their bodies and who also compare themselves to other women means you’re more likely to engage in or be surrounded by conversations of negative self-talk. 

These conversations will lower your vibe and can lead to you and your girls emotionally eating together “babe lets order pizza and ice cream and watch chick flicks” or it can result in you and the girls going out excessively drinking, which ultimately puts you in an even lower vibration. And this becomes a vicious cycle… aghh! 

So how can you change this? How can you change your thought patterns? How can you change where you put your energy so you can be surrounded by better vibrations and attract more abundance into your life?


When you wake up in a morning, or when look in the mirror… what are the first thoughts that come into your head? Are they negative self-talk? Do you go straight to pointing out the negatives about yourself? Or are your thoughts positive? Thoughts will come and go and often without us even being fully aware of them. 


Once you start to become aware of your thoughts, you can then begin to change the negative ones to positive ones. 

When you catch yourself highlighting the things you dislike about yourself, stop. At that point you need to try and shift your focus into what you do like about yourself. 

When you’re thinking about what you do like, try and really FEEL the gratitude for it. 

When we focus on being grateful for what we have and what we like about ourself or our life, our vibration magically starts to shift to a higher level. 

Whatever vibration you are on, you attract more of. 

So if you’re vibing on a positive, high frequency, you’re going to start to feel really good, and you will start to attract  more of this goodness. You will naturally start to make better choices. 

Emotional eating, excess drinking, de-motivation and all low vibe things like this won’t even be in the equation for you when you’re on a higher vibration.

 On a higher vibration, you will make wiser choices like exercising, eating healthier, having fun. And the more of this you do, the more positive situations, people and opportunities you attract. You will catch yourself wrapped up in a positive cycle. 

It’s important to understand that I’m not telling you to suddenly start loving the things you dislike about your body or your health, because that’s unrealistic. 

 Accept that however you are right now is your current situation. There will of course be things you don’t like about yourself right now,  you wouldn’t have purchased this program if you didn’t want to change something or level up. But it’s important that you don’t fixate on these things that you dislike about yourself anymore. Things you don’t like don’t deserve your energy. Don’t think about it, don’t talk about it. 

Instead, shift your focus and your energy to what you do like about yourself, shift it to your new healthier lifestyle habits. Focus on how amazing your body feels when it exercises everyday, think about how much control you have over your food and how your healthy, wholesome meal choices are leaving you thriving. 

Here are some alternative ways of thinking when it comes to health, fitness & transforming your physique:

1- “I can’t eat that, its bad for me and I’m already fat”. Change this to “the burger and fries will be tasty but I know this kind of food leaves me feeling bloated, so I will choose the chicken salad instead so my body will feel energised + good after eating”.

2. “I’m so lazy to do a workout today”. Change this to “I’m a little bit more tired today so I will go for a walk outside and listen to my music instead of going to the gym for a big workout. My body loves to move and a walk will leave me feeling energised and good!”


It’s important that you expect setbacks to happen, and that you see them as an opportunity to learn and grow.

 Setbacks can be in the form of missing a week of your workouts because your gym had to close, it can be in the form of an injury preventing you from moving your body, it can be you having a few days of emotional eating because lets face it, as much as we can be aware of emotional eating it doesn’t mean we don’t all fall victim to it every once in a while.

Babe, on any journey in life that is going to elevate you to a new level, you will have to face challenges. But the thing is, when you already expect challenges to happen, you’re more likely to accept them, let them go and carry on moving forward.

It’s ironic because it’s not actually the setback itself that will get in the way of you achieving your results, it’s the way you choose to respond.

The magic is in the way you react.

  When setbacks happen, accept them and carry on moving forward.

Discipline Over Motivation

Motivation is where you wake up with a drive, with a get-up-and-go attitude. 

Being motivated makes sticking to your new healthier habits soooo much easier!

The problem here is that most of us don’t wake up motivated every day, and this is why we shouldn’t rely only on motivation to get us to where we want to be. 

Discipline is where you wake up and regardless of your mood, you still know that moving your body will make you feel amazing. You still know that by eating the healthy, wholesome foods (that may not be as tasty as the chocolate brownie), will ultimately digest better in your body and leave you feeling amazing.

Motivation is a great thing to keep you moving forward “temporarily”, but discipline, if you master it, will be with you forever.


So how do we become disciplined?

It is also important to understand that movie days in bed watching Netflix whilst eating ice cream isn’t always correlated with low vibrations or negativity. 

Some days that may just be what we need, a day of stillness and eating pleasurable food. 

The key is in awareness. We need to make sure that the intentions behind these kinds of days are healthy, that these days are in response to honouring what our body is asking for, and that they’re coming from a positive place of self love and self worth. 

If you’re staying in bed watching movies & indulging in ice cream whilst feeling guilty or shame about it, then this is clearly coming from a negative place. If it’s coming from a negative place it’s going to lower your vibe even more. This is where you need to gain back your power and opt for moving your body and eating healthy instead.  


Its important that you strengthen your ability to set boundaries so that you can thrive in your feminine power. If you feel like you aren’t thriving, it can often be because you’ve compromised on your healthy boundaries.

When we establish and honour healthy boundaries we become powerful, we are happier, we have more confidence, our self love and self worth increases, we trust in ourselves and our vibration is raised. With a higher vibration we start attracting what we deserve into our life. 

It’s also important to understand that when we set our boundaries and we honour them, we may lose people, places and things in the process. But this isn’t a bad thing it just means that the things we lose are no longer aligned with our direction anymore. We have to let things go sometimes in order for better things that match our vibration and our frequency to come in. 

Here are some ways that you can start setting and honouring boundaries in your life:

  • Know your values – Find out what you really value in life, what makes you feel good, what helps you thrive, and then don’t accept anything less. This can also be in the form of non-negotiables when it comes to friendships, partners, work, family etc. Take the time to sit with yourself and become aware of what your non-negotiables are, and then don’t settle for anything less. Its also so important that you stay so self aware that you also notice when you may have accidentally let a boundary slip. 


  • Tune in to yourself and honour your intuition. Your body will signal to you through gut feelings. When you’re about to make a choice or a decision, take a second to breathe in the question or situation. You don’t need to respond to anything straight away. Become aware with how your body is responding. Do you feel excited or do you feel drained about it? Trusting your intuition and then honouring that feeling is establishing boundaries. 


It can be hard for us to say no sometimes, especially if we have “people-pleasing” tendencies, but learning to honour your boundaries and say no to people and things will elevate your life in more ways than you realise. It’s time to start living your life for YOU and not for anybody else.